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8th June 2010, 01:21
Fixed! I have found the solution, as I was running Windows 7, I had to elevate my priviledges by running ZAR as Administrator (just right click the Zar start menu icon and choose "Run as administrator" then click Yes to agree to Unknown publisher message that Windows issues)

Even though I am a local administrator, this still required elevation to function correctly, I only realised as I had another program fail in a similar way.

To the coders: maybe you could work around this issue and provide an error message for a future version or add this to stickys, I'm sure I won't be the last to do this!

Original Posting:

Having a problem using a save file

I'm using Zar 8.5 build 17 under Windows 7

I am trying to recover an external USB 2.0 based drive as it started clicking and went into RAW status. I scanned the drive overnight with the above version of ZAR and as I didnt have time to proceed after the scan, I created a save file to save the scanstate. The drive was drive letter J at the time.

I later loaded ZAR, ensured the drive was still drive J and loaded the save file, but as soon as it tries to load I get the following error box appear.

"unable to match the device original ID 0100"

I then click OK and another error appears saying

"save file readback mismatch 0 vs. 540 (c:\work\zar\zarii\saveload.pas,
line 236)"

I click OK and then have to use Task Manager to close the various ZAR applications down.

Is this a bug or do I have to rescan the drive again?


Alexey V. Gubin
8th June 2010, 13:19
Do you have any high security package installed? ZAR is supposed to get the elevation prompt automatically, rather than start up unprivileged. Any chance you have either custom UAC settings, or some specific antivirus or firewall software?

8th June 2010, 13:47
Thanks for replying, I have Kaspersky 2010, but I always disable protection before working with ZAR.

I dont have any custom UAC setting - its set to Default, I never altered it.

Hope this helps