View Full Version : ZAR recovered 80% of photos, and a simpler scan recovered 100%

21st August 2010, 03:58

I have a compact flash card with 900 photos. I can't access it from the camera, and it shows an empty directory.
I tried ZAR - and was relieved to see 700 photos come back to life.
I then wrote a short code fragment to try and recover the other 200 photos - Using the hex editor HxD I saved the flash memory as a 4GB file to the hard disk.
I scanned for blocks beginning with 0xFFD8FFE1 and ending with 0xFFD900.
This recovered all 900 photos, and left me wondering why ZAR missed 200.
I also tried recovering with VirtualLab and got the same 700 photos that ZAR recovered.

I should note that this was a brand new compact flash card, so probably without a lot of clutter and fragmentation.


Alexey V. Gubin
21st August 2010, 13:21
Are you sure that 200 files accouting for the difference were recovered intact?

23rd August 2010, 11:27
I viewed the photos, and they're perfectly OK.


Alexey V. Gubin
23rd August 2010, 11:36
Huh, interesting. Can I have a sample then? If possible, could you please email me one photo that ZAR misses to development@z-a-recovery.com.

Thank you