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27th August 2008, 08:53
Good Morning,

I came across this software and was excited that I might be able to recover some images that I had on my hard drive when it crashed and I lost them.

The memory card has been reformatted several times at this point. The only images that the software seems to find is the images that are currently on the card.

Am I doing something wrong or will it not be able to find the deleted images?



Alexey V. Gubin
27th August 2008, 10:56
I suppose it is not able to find the deleted images. However, if the images currently on card are "recovered", then there is nothing we can do to improve it. The same algorithm is applied for both "current" and deleted images, and if the deleted images were there (recoverable), they should have been recovered. As they are not recovered, I suppose they are not there.