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Default Re: Question about recovered files from broken ICH9R RAID5

Hello, Alexey!

Files I checked were mp3 and jpg, so I can send You them, just say where to send.

In the begining I had one drive reported as bad for RAID0, and when I marked it as normal it started rebuild process for RAID5 on 4 drives in total. Rebuild crashed on about 20% with reporting another drive to be down for RAID5. Since I found that the cause was the wires, not the drives, maybe it is reasonable to try withou the first failed drive. I am not sure how exactly RAID5 rebuild works, but I suppose that maybe that first failed drive is really with unusable data, but the second failed drive is actually good. Maybe that is confusing ZAR? The only thing is that the scanning process on 3 of 4 drives takes a lot longer time.

How do You think? Would it be reasonable to try this scenario?

Thank You!

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