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Disk Space Visualizer

Disk Space Visualizer - What is this?

This freeware program was created to simplify "garbage collection" procedures. In a typical usage the hard drive space is slowly filled up by the useless data. This may include temporary files, rarely used software, and so on. Additionally, "forgotten" data is a common cause of this problem. Upon the first run of the Disk Space Visualizer (download now) we have immediately discovered about 18GB worth of log files (originally generated for some obscure case). Obviously, we forgot to delete these files when done with them. Buried somewhere deep in nested folders, these logs sat there unnoticed for some months. It was quite a relief to get rid of them, especially taking into account the 60GB capacity of the disk.

So, we created a simple tool to combat this pollution. It reveals the worst disk space hoggers and displays them clearly and nicely laid out on the screen.

Disk Space Visualizer main window.

What are the system requirements?

It should run on any typical Windows machine, except maybe for the original (pre-OSR2) Windows 95 release.

How much does it cost?

Nothing - Disk Space Visualizer is a freeware, provided at no charge. Download Disk Space Visualizer.

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