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Does ZAR support recovery from LaCie

ZAR has been discontinued
After about twenty years, I felt ZAR can no longer be updated to match the modern requirements, and I decided to retire it.

ZAR is replaced by Klennet Recovery, my new general-purpose DIY data recovery software.

If you are looking specifically for recovery of image files (like JPEG, CR2, and NEF), take a look at Klennet Carver, a separate video and photo recovery software.

We have a Lacie d2 big disk 1 TB and need to recover data using Lacie. Does ZAR support Lacie d2 big disk? Are there any special conditions for that? It seems for us that Lacie d2 has its own file system.


I have no first hand experience with LaCie, as we never actually used or tested these. However, from what I just read, I suppose it has no filesystem of its own. The filesystem is controlled by a host machine to which the drive is attached. So if you have a Windows system, you should

  1. get ZAR evaluation here - www.z-a-recovery.com/download.aspx
  2. run ZAR as described in the unformat tutorial and proceed as described in there.
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