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Partition recovery when the MBR is damaged

Step 1 - Get, install, and start ZAR data recovery software

Download and install ZAR data recovery software just like you do with any regular program.
When you run it, ZAR displays the window like the one below:

Select data recovery type
  1. Click "Data Recovery for Windows and Linux"
Step 2 - Initiate partition scan
Start partition scan
  1. Select a physical drive you want to scan for partitions.
  2. Click "More functions..."
  3. Select "Scan for missing partitions"
Step 3 - Partition scan progress
Partition recovery progress No action is required at this point. Just wait until the window closes automatically. This may take reasonably long time.
If the partition you need is discovered, you can stop the scan and the partition will be added to the device and partition list.
Step 4 - Select the partition
Recover data from the partition
  1. Click to select the partition you just found
  2. Click "Next" to start data recovery
Step 5 - Data recovery run
Data recovery progress

This part takes about three hours and requires absolutely no intervention.

Step 6 - Select the files to recover
Select files to recover
  1. Mark files and folders to recover by clicking their corresponding checkboxes
  2. Click "Next"
Step 7 - Copy files
Copy the recovered files
  1. Enter the name of the folder for the recovered files.
  2. Click "Start copying" to start file copying.

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