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Recovering deleted images

ZAR has been discontinued
After about twenty years, I felt ZAR can no longer be updated to match the modern requirements, and I decided to retire it.

ZAR is replaced by Klennet Recovery, my new general-purpose DIY data recovery software.

If you are looking specifically for recovery of image files (like JPEG, CR2, and NEF), take a look at Klennet Carver, a separate video and photo recovery software.

I have a SanDisk Extreme III 4GB SD memory card that I use in my Sigma DP2 camera. It's not corrupted and it continues to work fine. I'm simply trying to recover an image from it that I inadvertently deleted in the field. ZAR spends three to five minutes scanning the drive, then comes up with the error: Unable to continue: There seems to be no files on volume...

From my reading here, I've tried various overrides (FAT32 and NTFS) and I've upgraded to the most recent version of the software. The outcome is the same. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.

Can someone help?


I you cannot recover images using "Image Recovery" mode of ZAR, for example, some particular photos are missing or recovered photos cannot be opened, you need to create a sample image with your camera (with any content, but preferably with your typical settings) and send it to our support team along with additional information about your case. Although most camera formats are covered in ZAR, there is still a possibility that your particular camera uses some unknown format.

Also, one more thing you can try is to use "Data Recovery for Windows and Linux" mode instead of "Image Recovery" because heavy algorithms used in "Data Recovery" mode can sometimes give more recovered files.

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