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Accidentally deleted spanned volume

ZAR has been discontinued
After about twenty years, I felt ZAR can no longer be updated to match the modern requirements, and I decided to retire it.

ZAR is replaced by Klennet Recovery, my new general-purpose DIY data recovery software.

If you are looking specifically for recovery of image files (like JPEG, CR2, and NEF), take a look at Klennet Carver, a separate video and photo recovery software.
I had Windows 7 spanned volume: 1TB + 500GB + 500GB + 500GB.
During playing with external USB HDD I've accidentally delete wrong volume in Windows DMC and now have no spanned volume at all - just RAW partitions.
Is it possible to recover that volume? If it is - what is proper advanced setting for your professional software to recover such kind of volumes?

ZAR cannot recover a spanned (JBOD) volume. I recall the LDM database, which stores the dynamic volume configuration is overwritten during the update, so no luck there either. I'm not aware of any software which would reliably identify the span/JBOD, you need a lab recovery.

The span is filled disk-by-disk. The MFT would almost always be entirely on a first disk. So, by analyzing just the first disk with ZAR, you get all the files that were physically stored on it (1 TB of data in your case).

If, for some reason, lap repair is not an option for you, you can try to concatenate the drives giving that you identify start offsets correctly. To do so you may want:

In Disk Management, re-create the spanned volume the way it was. IMPORTANT: DO NOT FORMAT the volume. In a volume creation wizard, there is a page asking if you want to format a volume and what filesystem to use. Select "Do not format". This will give you a spanned volume with RAW filesystem. Consider leaving it without a drive letter or Windows Explorer will prompt you to format the volume every time you touch it - kind of annoying.

Chances are that the volume will be created with exactly the same layout. As long as you do not format it, the actual data would not be changed.

Then, start ZAR, and it should pick up the LDM Span/JBOD volume. (A reboot may be required). Scan this partition.
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