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ZAR and MacOS filesystems

ZAR has been discontinued
After about twenty years, I felt ZAR can no longer be updated to match the modern requirements, and I decided to retire it.

ZAR is replaced by Klennet Recovery, my new general-purpose DIY data recovery software.

If you are looking specifically for recovery of image files (like JPEG, CR2, and NEF), take a look at Klennet Carver, a separate video and photo recovery software.
I was just wondering if this program can be downloaded by macintosh users.
Technically, you can download it (although I do not know how exactly you do this on Mac). However, if you do, it will not run on Mac. To run ZAR you need a Windows system.
Is it possible to recover data from mac storage with ZAR?
With ZAR you can't recover data from MacOS filesystems. However, if the device you have in mind is, say, a memory card, ZAR is able to recover data from it, because usually memory cards use FAT rather than mac-specific filesystem.
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