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Main window layout

The main window of ZAR will change during processing, prompting you for more input or indicating the results. However, some fields remain unchanged throughout the recovery run.
Status bar entries
The status bar, occupying the very bottom of the ZAR window, displays the following information (left to right order):
  • CPU usage, sampled at five second intervals.
  • Combined device read speed for all operations (if several devices are being read simultaneously, this field displays a sum of the corresponding read speeds), sampled at five second intervals.
  • Seeks per second.
  • Disk read cache size.
Runtime control panel (right side)
The runtime control panel can be used to adjust disk I/O settings "on the fly". This is useful when processing a drive with bad sectors. All the changes made to the configuration are in effect for the next I/O operation (i.e. "immediately" for most conditions). Read more about Runtime control elements.

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