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Using wildcards

ZAR has been discontinued
After about twenty years, I felt ZAR can no longer be updated to match the modern requirements, and I decided to retire it.

ZAR is replaced by Klennet Recovery, my new general-purpose DIY data recovery software.

If you are looking specifically for recovery of image files (like JPEG, CR2, and NEF), take a look at Klennet Carver, a separate video and photo recovery software.

You can use wildcards (characters "*" and "?") to specify multiple files in a single operations. 

Wildcard "*" matches any number of arbitrary characters, while "?" matches exactly one arbitrary character.

To illustrate: "*.test.??" matches "foo.test.10" and "bar.test.11", but does not match "foo.test.1" or "foo.est.10".

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